Wines with an Identity of their Own

San Rafael,
Wines with a History

The winery and vineyard are located by the Andes range, San Rafael, Mendoza Province. They can be found near an area of marsh on the north riverbank of Atuel River. At 34° 50° south latitude, east of San Rafael mountain range, at the foot of Cerro Negro hill.

The diverse properties of these lands give each of our wines a unique identity.

San Rafael,
the Land of Wine

The soil is deep, permeable and poor in organic matter. These are key properties to produce great wine. Furthermore, the lands in the area are dry and arid, characterized by low levels of rainfall and moisture. This is important to keep the plant’s health throughout the year and the fruit at harvest time.

The growing area features sandy loam soil, which together with the weather characteristics of the region, promote proper ripening and aromas and color richness. Here, in these lands, is where our vineyard’s charm begins.