Wines with an Identity of their Own

Argentinian Wine Company that Produces High-quality Wine

We are an Argentinian wine company that produces wines that convey the flavor of this generous land which inspired our love for vineyards. Our constant search for excellence and passion for winemaking are the core values passed down generation after generation.

We follow traditional growing methods, since we were born in the world of wine and we know that perfection takes time.

Our Terroir Reflected in Each Bottle

This is the concept that best defines our company. “Terroir” encompasses the elements that define the identity a wine: soil, weather, tradition, history, and the gentleness and energy of those who work at the vineyard.

These characteristics, together with though-out winemaking practices and an up-to-date, technological and sensory enology certify the quality of our wines. So, we can say that a wine from our homeland, a terroir wine, is an honest wine.

Our Equipment in the Company

Our company is equipped with cutting-edge technology in order to produce high-quality wines in all ranges. Innovation is in our blood; it’s our driving force to create unique and extraordinary wines, specially made to stimulate your senses.

Our Equipment

Our Wineries

La Correina

First winery of the company

350 000 liters capacity

Cutting-edge technology: 1) Stainless Steel tanks with temperature controller2) Reception of grapes system with selection conveyor belts3) Cooler of grape harvest

Production of a wide variety of wines (entry, medium, high)

In-house laboratory, and test room

Santa Silvia

Over 100 years of tradition.

Wine tourism: Our winery is located in one of the most touristic places of the area. For this reason, we offer guided tours that include wine tasting of all our product lines and selling of regional products

Over 3 million liters capacity

Wine storage and fractioning

Technical control and storage of wines

In-house laboratory and test room