The winery is equipped with the latest technology to obtain high quality wines in all their ranges. It is designed to carry out the production stages in a continuous way, in a steady process that begins with the harvest of the grapes, wine reception, press room, fermentation, storage, maturing and ageing in cava.


Reception line: made up of vibrating table, cluster selection line, de-stemmer, berries selection line, grape crusher, screw pumps for the grape, and grape cooler which makes possible to decrease the temperature of the recently harvested grape to the desired levels.

Pressing: pneumatic press for white wines as well as red wines pomace.
Cooling: 140,000 B.T.U. equipment, distributing to 100% of the casks through fixed pipes.
CAPACITY: 450,000 L.


La Correína 2700 / Cubillos 2000, Rama Caída / San Rafael / Mendoza / Argentina /